Car Windshield Repair & Replacement Specialist

The windshield specialist in Setapak that get your windshield replacement in just an hour or two! Whether it’s a cracked windshield repair or just to get your fuzzy windshield repair, NS Auto Glass got you covered! Don’t postpone it any longer – schedule your car windshield repair or replacement with NS Auto Glass, your trusted windshield repair specialists, today and experience the joy of safe and clear driving once again!

Car Windshield Repair

Professional Windshield Repair

Your car’s windshield always faces a risk of getting damaged at some point in time. From unfortunate accidents to falling debris, anything might be the reason for a damaged windshield. In case your car’s windshield gets damaged, no matter if it is small or big, you should always take proper measures in order to restore it to its best condition. Remember a cracked or chipped windshield always weakens the overall structural frame of a car.

Fastest Windshield Specialist Service

We at NS Auto Glass have a great network of conveniently located service stations and we always make sure that your work is done in time along with a quick turnaround. We clearly understand that isn’t at all easy to generate time from your busy schedule, that’s the reason why we provide convenient pick-up facilities. Apart from that our highly trained and certified experts make sure that the overall turnaround time isn’t more than a few hours. We keep no stone unturned to be the country’s No.1 windshield repair company.

Windshield Replacement vs Repair?

No matter how small your windshield damage is, you must always take proper help from the windshield repair specialists to get it fixed, rather than experimenting with it by doing DIY’s. All our technicians have the specialized knowledge that is required in order to deal with car windshields. Remember not all damage caused to the windshield requires a replacement, some can even be fixed with a bit of repair work. The severity and size of the damage caused help in determining whether it needs to be replaced or a simple repair work. Our technicians at NS Auto Glass can always help you assess the severity of the damage caused and can thereby suggest if your car’s windshield needs a replacement or a repair.

Safe Cracked Windshield Repair

At NS Auto Glass we only keep our focus on a hundred percent genuine glasses with the right adhesives. Our high-quality windshield glass is directly sourced from leading car dealers in the country. We make sure that the windshield glass provides protection from impacts and resistance from penetration in order to ensure best-in-class safety. In spite of an unregulated market in the country, you can always stay assured that all our products undergo rigorous quality and authenticity checks. Apart from that our highly trained and skilled technicians are equipped with the best toolsets and also take care of international safety norms that come under the recommendation of AGE or Automotive Glazing Europe. We even help in educating our customers on all types of automotive safety protocols.