Car Windscreen Repair & Replacement

At NS Auto Glass, we take pride in offering a wide array of services to effectively address all your glass-related issues. Our extensive range of services spans from expert windscreen repair shop services to seamless glass replacements. We invite you to explore the comprehensive list below for further details on each of our offerings. If, by any chance, you require a service that is not explicitly mentioned here, please feel free to contact us. Our customer-centric approach ensures that we are always ready and equipped to assist you with any specific glass-related needs you may have, providing you with a one-stop solution for all things glass.

Professional Consultation

We offer professional consultation services for your car windscreen repair and auto glasses. Also, we provide door-to-door service for our most valued customers. We have a team of professionals ready to come to your door and inspect your car. The repair/replacement will be done at home or at the shop depending on the work that needs to be done.

Professional Windscreen Installer Skill

Do you already have a windscreen and would like to get is installed by a professional? Our car windscreen repair experts can perfectly install a windscreen after inspecting its size, fitting and overall usability. The installed windscreen will be free of any kind of issues like water leakage. We focus on quality work!

Windscreen Replacement

Is your car’s windscreen facing some issues such as cracking, fuzzy, leak, poor performance and you have no idea how to deal with it? We are here to help you to do a windscreen replacement based on your car’s windscreen situation. A good windscreen replacement makes you drive safer and more comfortable.

Replace Windscreen Moulding & Rubber

If a windscreen’s rubber is worn out, it may allow water to come in and the glass can fall on you in no time. Thus, it is recommended to replace windscreen molding and rubber. We will replace the worn-out rubber with a fresh and long-lasting rubber that will not come off easily.

Repair of Car Windscreen Glass & Door Glass

If your vehicle has a damaged or slightly cracked windscreen glass or door glass, we recommend repairing it instead of replacing it. The repairing process is really economical and would be carried out by our specially trained technicians to repair glass within a few hours at our facility.

Windscreen Insurance Claims

Feeling helpless and have no direction on how to claim your windscreen insurance? We are here to serve you! You only need to prepare the required documents for us and we will complete the rest of the paperwork for you. We promise to try our best to provide the best service for you.

Rental Glass for Puspakom / JPJ Inspection

Puspakon / JPJ is the governing body for the transportation. We are offering rental glass for Pusapakon / JPJ inspection. To help you comply with the law and regulation for your windscreen and door glasses.

Tinted Film Service

The sun may be too sensitive for the eyes due to a medical condition or you might just respect your privacy to get a glass that doesn’t allow the outside to look into the inside. We tint your windshield or side glass to make them darker. This tint reduces the sunrays and increases your privacy.

Renewal Insurance & Roadtax

Is your insurance getting out of date? Do you need to renew the road tax? Keep yourself away from the hassle because we can do it for you. Get your insurance and road tax renewals to drive safely and legally on the roads of Malaysia. A responsible citizen is a great citizen indeed.